Transport conditions

​1. Demands for transport of people to the airport or railwaystation need to be requested by preference by email or thru the website. Only when this is truly impossible, we can exceptionally accept telephonical orders.

2. The customer needs to deliver all information related to the transport like requested on the online order form, as to enable A-A-Transferservice to fulfill the demand.

3. In case of wrong or missing information, as mentioned in article 2 above, A-A-Transferservice cannot be claimed responsible for the non correct fulfillment of the transport. If the customer isn't present at the departure point and hour as agreed, the transport will be invoiced.

4. In case of cancellation or modification within 24 hours before departure, we request to be informed by telephone.

5. All toll and taxes are to be paid supplementary by the customer, unless mentionned differently in the price quotation.

6. Deviations from these conditions are only opposables to us when these have been confirmed by written by ourselves.

7. Belgian law is applicable to this Agreement. Only the courts of the judicial district of Brussels are competent to take the possible disputes.