General conditions

​1. The general conditions are applicables on all transports A-A-Transferservice offers to her customers.

2. The demands for transport of people to the airport, railwaystation or whatever destination are to be made by preference by email or online. Only when this seems totally impossible, the telephonical demands can be accepted.

3. A-A-Transferservice confirms herewith its professionalism to bring people or packages on time to the requested destination. A-A-Transferservice cannot be claimed responsabile for whatever dammage caused by force majeure (e.g. traffic jams, strikes, weather conditions, road works, ....).

4. A-A-Transferservice cannot be claimed responsible for a non timely delivery at destination, whatever the type of dammage may be. Our responsability will be limited to the maximum of the invoice, whatever size of the dammage might be immediately apparent. Indirect dammage will not be retained for compensation.